07 December 2011

The Search for Lightning-Split Soarwood

Team Spode does a lot of e-mailing back and forth in the week between our regular Sunday night adventures. (Lately, Spode and I are logging on daily to grab our Cannith Tokens and maybe even hitting an instance.) The chat around the e-mail campfire has been all about the hunt for Lightning-Split Soarwood. Spode has been busy upgrading some of his gear with Eldritch Rituals and the +1 to saves ritual has been making both of us drool a bit. When we checked the recipe out, we saw that you needed four Lightning-Split Soarwoods. A quick check at the auction house showed that they were going for about 100,000 plat each.

Our reaction was kind of like Finn and Jake's reaction when Tree Trunks takes a bite of the ultimate apple:


All of my emoticons from that point forward for the rest of the day were like.




Looking up the DDO Wiki on where to find that Lightning-Split Soarwood made me :( though because it's apparently uber rare, which is why it's so much money . . . makes sense I suppose. I'm lucky enough to have two hiding in my bags at the moment . . . now what to do with those. Hmmmm. +1 to all saves or sell on auction house? *taps chin*

SO, the past couple of nights have been spent in The Tide Turns, going for that rubble pile down with the rats. In fact, we decided to run the entire instance on elite just to finish up the factioning there that we hadn't done. It's amazing how a few levels makes things cake . . . a far cry since we did that instance as a group, yo.

My big discovery was the new Artificer end reward for completing the Tide Turns. Look at this thing!

CHIMERA'S BREATH! Oh man, seeing loot like this really makes me want to roll an artificer. LOL

Anyway, any suggestions for hunting for Lightning-split Soarwood would be appreciated. As far as I can tell, it's all about making sure you hit those rubble piles everywhere you go.

Happy Dueling!

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  1. I recently had the exact same experience, finally looking into Lightning Split Soarwood and being shocked at the AH prices. I have three of them on one of my dudes, and am saving it for when I need some plat (assuming they actually sell at those prices.) +1 to saves is great, but mooooonnnneeeeyy!