21 December 2011

Say Hello Please!

Heya!  I just wanted to take a quick inventory of all those who've been dropping by my DDO blog lately.  Please, if you have this site marked in a feed or just check here every once in a while, I'd love to have you give me a shout out in the comments just to say hello.

Feel free to introduce yourself, tell me what server you're playing on, or just say hi!

Sometimes I wonder who is stopping by randomly through Google searches, and who actually drops by when I make a post.  I'd love to build a nice reader base on this blog, and I have some tricks up my sleeve for the future of this blog that I think you will all enjoy.  If you have any suggestions, make 'em!  I'm all ears, or eyes as the case may be.  I'm all about improving.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to say hello.  I have commenting approval turned "on" for this blog, so you may not see your comment appear immediately, but I'm always checking my various blogs throughout the day to approve comments.

Peace and Happy Dueling!

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