02 December 2011

Awesome! Made it to the B list!


You know, I really would like to make this place somewhere where people who enjoy DDO like to come visit every once in a while. I feel like I'm one step closer by making it to the official fan site list for Dungeons and Dragons Online. (WOOT!)

Check it out: if you go to the fansite listing on the Compendium here and scroll alllllll the way down, TADA! There I am, Stormreach Sentinel . . . the slow one of the slow bunch. ;)

Can't thank Turbine enough for putting me on the map there. It's probably undeserved. If you have a DDO fansite or blog and you'd like to link share, just leave me a note.

Thanks for your time and thanks for visiting. Feel free to leave me a message, and I hope you make this blog a part of your RSS feed reader. I try to keep it entertaining around here. on that note . . . here's a great parody video from the WanderingMonster. :)

Happy Dueling


  1. Congratulation!
    It is totally deserved, following the adventures of Team Spode is fun and exciting. Every monday i'm waiting for the update...what has the Team encountered this weekend?
    Maybe this is the small push you needed to get going, and perhaps increase the frequence of Team Spode runs?
    Anyways, love the blog and good to see a good blog featured by the DDO-HQ peeps :-)
    Keep up the good writing!

  2. Don't forget, the more official fansites you have, the more that all of your blogs gain popularity. (Yes I'm looking at you Minstrel Magnet.) Hopefully you'll post more on your LotRO blog now that Turbine recognizes your fame. Now that you are official, you need to make an Angus Unicornpants Wizard and level him without armor. Eberron, your gear no matter to Angus.