14 November 2011

It's Frustrating

We totally lost . . . twice in a row . . . and I totally didn't get any pictures and have nothing new to add to the discussion of Gianthold. BLAH!

Gianthold Tor and Against the Demon Queen totally puppet bumped the face of Team Spode lastnight.



For the three hours that we played together last night, we did better on both events than we had on our previous attempts, so that's something, right? I think so.

I think we were all a little moody last night after our Gianthold defeat (at least I was). We made a mistake and after all of us had been defeated at the hands of Rhindvutha the Black Dragon and Blaze Ar'Rhind (his giant friend), we all released, which basically put us back to square one, which was a little frustrating.

The major problem with all of us releasing at that point is that the dragons are considered optional objectives, and you have already won the instance after you defeat the gatekeeper. Live and learn.

After that we decided to try our hands at the Demon Queen again. Part of me was saying in the back of my mind, "guys, we don't have time to do this tonight," but I decided not to speak up and just press forward . . . In fact I started rushing and just blowing through traps. Whoops! Sorry Team Spode! We did in fact end up a good hour over our game time limit . . . again, with nothing much to show for it (a little loot, but not the win we all wanted).



We did get further as a group on the Demon Queen than we got before. We successfully kited her dead the first time where before we had died. . . it was just the second time vs. The demon queen in her fiery chamber of death where we didn't do so well.

In the end I think we learned a few valuable lessons that are like our "baby steps" to winning. No worries, we'll get this.

Happy Dueling!

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