21 November 2011

Demon Queen Dies to Team Spode!

OH, this post comes to you with much higher spirits than last week, but don't take my word for it, here's what Ophiga had to say about our evening.

Last night's adventure for Team Spode was a vengeance mission "Against the Demon Queen" after our wipe last week and for that other time she kicked our butts.

Here's the important screenshot:

THAT'S RIGHT DEMON QUEEN! YOU AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' ON TEAM SPODE BOOM! Is it just me or would "Circle of Eternity" be an awesome wedding rock band name?

And the Djinni out in Zawabi's Refuge was all . . . me tired now!

And Team Spode was all . . . WE AIN'T NOT TIRED!

Yeah, we zoned into the raid for fun just to see what it was all about. We didn't even bother summoning clerics because we knew it would be a slaughter either way. Whew, looks like a tough event with those nasty lawn mower blades that cut you down while archers stick you with arrows from up above.

Anyway, yes, we had fun last night . . . as evidenced by Ulan's pumpkinhead courtesy of Gleek. A night just isn't a night anymore without me throwing one of my grenades at Ulan.

And yes, the best thing about this instance is still the crazy Rakshasas with their crazy poetry-spouting deaths.

Friggin' nuts those Rakshasas are.

The end report of the dungeon looked like this:

So, how did Team Spode beat the Demon Queen? The answer is really simple . . . kiting. Spode is no slouch in the hit point department and he's sporting a pretty respectable Armor Class for a level 16 paladin, and even with dedicated healers, stone skin and what not, that knockdown of hers combined with her nasty six-armed attack was just too devastating for Spode to tank through and the healers to heal through. She's just nasty.

You can tell too by the shape of her final room that you're just meant to kite her down. I mean, there's just barely enough room in a perfect circle to run her around. You just have to keep yourself hasted and go for it.

Team Spode did a great job of laying down firewalls and blade barriers, plunking her with arrows, Slicing her with swords from behind, and just generally keeping Ulan and I alive as we ran around trying to avoid those six arms of death.

Winning this one was awesome. Team Spode needed that win!

Next week? Next week we go back to face that dragon in Gianthold. More vengeance is needed.

Happy Dueling!

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