17 October 2011

Farewell, Lessah, From Team Spode

You know, one hates to wonder if they were the catalyst for someone leaving a community and a great podcast like DDO Cocktailhour behind, and there is a very good chance that Lessah’s last instance she ran was with Team Spode (or her permadeath guild). I highly doubt our sloppy play and bad puns had anything to do with it (Although the "wight out" jokes are even enough for me to up and quit MMOs some nights ;) jk, I live for "wight out" jokes). It’s hard to know since she pretty much seemed to disappear into thin air without a goodbye. That's ok though . . . you gotta do what you gotta do, right? word.

Part of me would like to believe that she’s reading this now and will leave a comment to clarify her disappearance even further, but all Team Spode knows is what Samius said in his post and Lessah’s latest tweet: "@Slugnutty @SamiusGurobo Hey! yes,I stopped playing, I had a major crisis & just have not gone back. It's not fair to do the cast & not play."

If I was to add anything about Lessah’s last instance run with us, she seemed (to me) to be happy, but also seemed rushed to end her play session that night. It felt pretty hasty like she couldn’t wait to log off actually. I think she might have mentioned getting her kids ready for school the next day. I don't know. In the end, there really wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

I think Team Spode's sentiment is best wrapped up by Spode himself, "I hope she's ok. It was fun to have her in the group, but I guess 'We few. We happy, happy few' must move on and make her proud with our body counts. I'll dedicate my next hundred kills to her. Hopefully, she'll come back someday."

Best of luck, Lessah! Hope your life affords you success and feel free to call on the superpowers of Team Spode anytime in the future.

Happy dueling!

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