21 October 2011

DDO up for awards!

Ha! I kind of feel like I'm playing the fence here. I just wrote a post asking people to vote for Wizard101 in the Beckett's voting poll, and now I'm over here asking people to vote for DDO in the Beckett's voting poll. click me! click me! click me! click me! click me!

Although DDO has some tough competition for Best Fantasy MMO, that is definitely where I put my vote in that catagory. Seriously though, DDO is up against WoW and Rift. But every vote counts and I think Chris Moslbee does a great job of delivering DDO articles for Beckett's magazine! I think Team Spode's article wasn't half shabby either. ;) I'm in! Vote DDO!

Happy Dueling!


  1. As it turns out, my wizard's name is actually 'Z'EGALUS which raises the question: Did I delete my first wizard to start him over or is this wizard my actual first character.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that you should post an update on your LotRO blog as well asking people to vote for LotRO. This way you can show some love to the best MMO ever. ;P At least it would give you some extra brownie points with Turbine.