27 July 2011

Demon Sands:Lessons Learned

Lessah declared this week that she and I had officially bonded. It all happened in a one-two punch of an event. The right-fist of bonding happened after kiting three clay golems around some firewalls in a room that closes off once you enter, and the left-fist of bonding happened after a resulting death from pulling a trapped lever while Ophiga was hanging out downstairs with Spode in the "I can't make this jump" club. BOOM BOOM! (Without a rogue, we were just kind of blind to the traps.)

Needless to say, it was kind of a rough night again in the Tomb of the Wizard King (Just like three weeks ago), but it can never be too rough of a night when you have your buddies nearby and someone is singing a goofy song or telling a bad pun. Right, crew? Let's not forget that!

(Yeah, no one told that joke . . . but they should have!)

Here's a review of my lessons learned from the week:

1- Lessah doesn't like when people refer to their character as their "toon." It's a pretty standard slang word in the game world that was hip enough 10 years ago in Everquest, but apparently to Lessah it is demeaning to the time and effort you put into building a character to simply call that mass of pixels your "toon." Of course, I took every opportunity from that point forward to say things like, "mmm, girl! Who drew your toon? *whistle*" You know . . . smarmy stuff like that. It's all in good fun. ;)

2- I am a typical Halfling when it comes to breakables. I have to just TOUCH EVERYTHING. So curious! I don't know how many times I heard, "Would you stop touching those?!?!?!" when I'd bust open a sarcophagus. I can't help it. I even got blamed for a number of them that just opened by themselves! That's alright . . . if they hadn't busted open with angry mummies, I would have touched them all the same.

3- Ophiga needs featherfall . . . badly. I wouldn't be surprised if Spode and I each dumped a pair of featherfall boots in the mail to her by the end of the week. We needed that familiar yelp of "TRAP! TRAP! TRAP!" when there was something evil afoot (or underfoot as the case may be). So if we could have just made her little drow feetsies float across the busted-out trapped floor, why, then we would have been just fine! Check your mail, Ophiga!

4- Spode . . . I don't know . . . I don't think I learned anything new about Spode. I had a lot of re-affirmations about my dear friend--like he doesn't "do" super Mario jumps--but, no, I didn't learn anything new about Spode by any means. Oh wait, he did mention something about not being as spry as he was before the four-year-old started wearing him out. We traded information on grey hairs on our head caused by our children. Yeah, getting old sucks.

5- Ulan. Again, I don't think I learned anything new about Ulan. Yes, I had to hunt him down on Facebook. Yes, the monsters still like to devour him for healing us. Yes, he saved my hide with many heals. Yes, he couldn't find his spirit cake in his overflowing bags. That's my Ulan! I was just happy to drag around his stone for a while. We should have all taken Ulan's advice though when we noticed the NPC cleric had fallen through a floor and died. "Shouldn't we go save the NPC?" Ulan asks with all the wisdom a Favored Soul can muster. "NAH! We'll get to him eventually!" we cheered happily! Ahhh, the lessons learned. I'm still boggling over why we couldn't even dismiss that dead cleric from the party . . . oh well!

We had a lot of fun and next week promises even more fun! I do believe Chains of Flame was mentioned? (Quite a complex walkthrough there, wiki!) Sounds like fun! See you there!

Happy Dueling!

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