21 July 2011

Demon Sands: Adventures in Lore

Yes, we are still in the Menechtarun desert! What’s the deal? Why the hate? We’ll be here a while, people! Don’t blame me for thinking it would be a good time! SHEESH!

I think Ophiga is trying to tell us she’d rather skip this expansion. After all that sloppiness in the Tomb of the Witch King, we haven’t seen any traces of her . . . like at all . . . well, except for on Google+ where she has like eleventy million friends, and THAT'S why I tried hunting her down there first (to no avail).

You see, I have a little ritual I go through when people stop showing up to the static group. First, I call their mom and ask where they are. If that doesn’t work, I go to the social media of their choice to hunt for them. I know if Ulan isn’t there, I can check either Facebook or LOTRO to find him. If Spode isn’t there . . . well . . . Spode is always there. If Lessah isn’t there, I know I can Twitter her or maybe call the DDO Cocktail Hour hotline and at least rant for a while about her not being available. Ophiga = Google+ and a phone number.

What good does that do me if Ophiga’s phone is dead? Huh? HUH?! None apparently. I tried, ma’am. :)

Ophiga sent us an e-mail explaining a horrific traffic jam and a dead cell phone, and I’m ok with that. I'm just happy we didn't encounter any traps at all this Sunday . . . unless you call DDO one giant trap, and then yes, we were completely caught up in that trap.

Actually we spent a lot of time learning the sad tale of Ashok Khalidan.

And by learning, I mean killing his mummy form and accompanying legions of fire mephits. it's a hard job, but somebody has to earn the exp.

I like how Ashok there says that he's really a good guy who was just trying to help out his family . . . but I killed a bunch of people for Raiyum in the process. He's all: Dude, I'm just misunderstood! We're all: Don't care, just came for the loot thanks!

After we did that instance a couple of times, we upped our kill counts in the adventure area and called it a night.

Lessah took some time to show me over to a merchant that she was pretty geeked out about. I like when Lessah geeks out over stuff. It's awesome.

So apparently Ortolan Thoom here is holding a claw of a rakshasa in a jar and there was at one time in a galaxy far far away, a community contest of some sort where there was a treasure hunt and this guy's claw of a rakshasa in a jar was one of the items. dot dot dot. Don't care, just came for the loot thanks! JUST KIDDING! THAT'S WAY COOL, LESSAH! *fives*

Everything you want to know about Rakshasa's and their freaky backwards hands here!

Next week will definitely hold more adventures in Demon Sands. We need to catch both Lessah and Ophiga up, so we'll be repeating some content. Either way, it's going to mean some phat exp for the group. D

Happy Dueling!

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