26 September 2011


Last Sunday Team Spode repeated content that we did two weeks ago since Ophiga and Lessah were missing. Lessah is still afk, but Ophiga was ready for some quick catch up work. So, basically, I don't have much that's new to add to this post. It's all already been written.

Knowing this, however, I decided to let X-fire run while we did the Feast or Famine and A Cabal for One quests and put together a hyped up YouTube FO' Y'ALL!

Check it out!

If you didn't notice, I'm sporting a new look btw.

The yellow pirate hat just wasn't gelling well with my new robe, so I opted for the goggles look. Uber wife (I've affectionately called her "uber wife" since April 7, 2010) said I looked like I belonged in U2 . . . halfling version of course.

I'm not sure if Ophiga is going to write up a post of her own like last week, but I'll be sure to link it if she does.

Happy dueling!

1 comment:

  1. Great choise of music!!!!!
    On the other hand, i would have loved to hear the voicechat. Especialy during bossfights they can be very......entertaining ;-)