31 May 2016

Gnomework Redux -- prologue

Hey y'all!  Just wanted to make a quick run down of the free to play quests from latest expansion in DDO and give my first impressions. In the posts that follow this post I'd then like to detail more about the new free to play quests one-by-one.


The first two are found in the Harbor and are given by these two cuties.

The first is Orben Romblemore who offers the quest Good Intentions:

The second is Callumnie who offers the quest Memoris of an Illusory Larcener:

Oh my goodness, gnomes! GNOMES!

Yup, as a follow on to the new gnome race, we got three brand new free to play quests that I've now played through a bunch of times.  Well, except for the Forgotten Realms one from this little lady:

This is Popkin "The Shiv" Shortshanks who offers the quest Search and Rescue.

I've only ran through that one, um once? Why? Well, I just simply don't get out to Forgotten Realms much yet (it's mostly content I never previously purchased).

But lemme tell ya! I love the quest Good Intentions. It features my now favorite mob in the entire game.

I call it the fruit ninja, but you can call it an "animated object."

Overall, I liked these quests very much and new content is always a welcome site. Thanks for the fun quests to the DDO team.

Happy Dueling

(p.s. I also dinged 18 finally! Bring on the Lich Form! But that's a story for another time.)

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